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Posters, Media and Other stuff associated with Tim's Twitter Listening parties

  • Posters Downloadable posters and prints
  • Media Mentions in the worlds media
  • Album Artwork Wall Completed Listening Party Album Artwork. Choose if clicking on the album artwork takes you to Spotify or the Replay page
  • Album Artwork Wall - Full Size Completed Listening Party Album Artwork. Clicking on the album artwork will take you to the replay page
  • First Tweets The First Tweet From Every Completed Listening Party
  • Album Anniversary Listening Party Album Release Date Anniversaries
  • Twitter List A curated Twitter list that will show just those tweets from Tim and the relevant artists. This makes it easier to see just the relevant tweets while you listen along. The list is updated every day with all the artists for all the parties that day.
  • Calendar by @gingerbeardman Updated Shared Calendar. Follow tweet instructions